Before going on site, make sure that :

- The battery is fully charged.

- You have your tripod with you. 

To take an HDR sequence with the 1-Click Kit :

1. Turn on all the lights in the room.

2. Install the camera on the tripod. The camera must be stable for the photo shoot.

3. Make sure the camera is on Manual Mode (M) 

4. Put the lens on automatic focus. 

Don’t forget - never use the flash

5. Turn on the camera. 

Wait few seconds to let the Exposio software to initialize. Do not touch anything while in this process.

6- The following message will appear on the LCD screen.

There you will need to wait few more seconds and the camera will switch to Live View mode, this means the camera is ready to use. If the Live View mode isn’t in function, press on the button at the top right of the screen to enable it.

7. To take your Exposio photos, press on the shutter button completely. Once all the 9 shots will be taken, the live view mode will be reactivated. 

8. Repeat step 7 for all the rooms. 

9. Once all the photos are taken, you can develop them using the Exposio Darkroom.