Here is the guide to install or reinstall the Exposio program for Canon T5i cameras.  

If you send your camera for repair, Canon will most likely remove the Exposio program and reinstall the latest firmware version available. 

It is therefore very important to have the 1.1.3 firmware in order to install the Exposio program. 

We will explain how to check this in the following steps. 

1) Get an empty SD Card

2) Put the camera in Manual mode (M)

3) Insert and format the SD Card with the T5i Camera

4) In the camera's menu, look which current Firmware version you have in the 4th wrench's tab. 

If you have version 1.1.3, go to STEP 15

If you have version 1.1.5, continue to STEP 4

4) Insert the SD Card in your computer. 

5) Download and extract the T5i Program folder which you can find at the end of this page. 

6) Copy and paste the file CCF14113.FIR from the T5i 1.1.3 Foldeinto the SD Card.

7) Insert the SD Card in the camera

8) Make sure the camera is still in Manual mode (M)

9) In the camera's menu, go to the fourth wrench and select Firmware 1.1.X

10) Select Ver. 1.1.3 in Camera and OK

11) Select CCF114113.FIR

12) Select Ok to update Firmware 1.1.5 to 1.1.3

13) Once update is complete, select OK

14) Go back in the camera's menu and format the SD card

15) Put back the SD card in your computer

16) Copy and paste all the files from the Exposio Program folder into the SD card.

17) Insert the SD Card in the camera

18) Make sure the camera is in Manual mode (M)

19) In the camera's menu, go to the fourth wrench and select Firmware 1.1.3

20) Select OK 

21) Exposio program will be installed in the camera.

22) When you see that screen, the program is installed. You can restart your camera.  

23) You can now turn on your camera and Exposio will be ready to use.