Here is our tutorial to create a new SD card with the Exposio program for your Canon T3i/T5i camera.

If your camera needs to be reprogram: 

How to reprogram your T3i with Exposio program

How to reprogram your T5i with Exposio Program

SD card recommended: SanDisk 16GB Ultra Class 10 80MBps SDHC UHS-I

1. Insert your SD card in your computer. 

2. Delete all the contents of the SD card, making sure to have transferred the photos if necessary

3. Download the folder corresponding to your camera model at the bottom of the page.  

4. Copy and paste all the files into your SD Card. 

5. Insert your SD Card in your camera and open it. 

6. In the camera's menu, for the T3i, go to the third wrench and select Firmware 1.0.2. 

For the T5i, go to the fourth wrench and select Firmware 1.1.3. If they ask you for Camera or Lens, select Camera. 

7. Select OK 

8. Exposio program and the SD Card will be updated in the camera.

9. When you see that screen, the program is installed. You can restart your camera.  

10. You can now turn on your camera and Exposio will be ready to use.

11. Your SD Card is now ready to be used with Exposio on your camera.