If you have an error 11 that appears on your camera when attempting to connect with the app, you need to dissociate the camera from the app. 

1) Open the Exposio Real Estate Camera app.

2) Click on the three small lines in the upper right corner to access the menu. 

3) Select Settings

4) Click on Dissociate the camera

Camera configuration

1) Turn the function wheel on the top of your camera to the manual (M) position. 

2) On the lens of your camera, move the cursor to autofocus (AF). 

3) Turn on your camera. 

4) Press Wi-Fi button on the top of your camera. 

5) Do not select your device. Navigate to the right menu

6) Select "Connect to smartphone".

6) Select "Register new device" and "Do not display".

Your camera is now ready to pair with your iOS device.

iOS device configuration 

1) Open the Exposio app. 

2) Open the menu on the upper right.

3) Select Configure my Pro Kit

4) Select your SL2 Camera

3) Select WIFI 

4) Select Next

5) Select Camera ready to connect

6) Your device will connect to the camera. 

7) Select Ok to each pop up windows on the camera and the smartphone.